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Hello fellow IWBie! Thank you for being here 😊

IWB is a big community and we get a lot of msgs saying how grateful and helpful the community is - and that’s awesome! But we think we need to be more clear with all the community: the high level of this community is only possible because there are women in the background investing their time, money, energy and mental health to keep it not only a positive and helpful space for women in Berlin, but also keep expecting new impactful ideas and projects, such as events, resources and more.

👉 ”You take a little, You give a little”:

IWB wants to keep helping women as we have been doing in the last 5 years, but now we really need the help of the members as well. We want to create a healthy ecosystem, a mutual aid system between the IWB volunteers and the members (right now we have a team around 10 women in the background making everything happen).

Our idea of a mutual supportive community: We provide events, information, resources and a platform for the members, and in return, the members donate to our cause, even just only 1€ per month, so we can pay a fair and part time or full time salary for the IWB team.

Support IWB even with 1€/month

👉 Financial Support = Executing more IWB projects

We have som many ideas to execute in the future, that would impact the whole community of women in Berlin even more! But we can only do that if the community supports us - here are some of our ideas:

  • News portal with all information people who live in Berlin need, but through the women’s lenses.

  • We want to create a podcast to share inspiring and funny stories

  • Create the IWB fund, so we can provide money for members in emergency situation and also donate money for women NGOs in development countries.

Support IWB even with 1€/month

👉 IWB: +35k Members, +25k active every month

Do you think those are good ideas for the members of our community, including you? If yes, please donate 1 euro every month for IWB.

Yes, only 1€ can already make a lot of difference! If everybody donates 1€ monthly, at least the most active members, IWB will have enough money to:

  • Hire a team of women, pay them fairly

  • Keep executing ideas and making the whole IWB community better for all women in Berlin

  • In case we get more money that we need, we would donate this money to people in need in our community and to NGOs related to women’s rights.

Amazing, isn’t it? Well, that’s the power of communities! 😍

We know that 1 euro isn’t much, but we don’t want to charge a lot of money because we don’t want to make anybody broke. We are aware not everybody is going to donate, even if we ask only for 1 euro, so please also keep that in mind in case you think everybody is donating.

So please, the team and I beg you to subscribe in donating 1 euros every month, so we can grow the IWB project and make it even better for you and other immigrant women in this city!

👉 IWB: an ethical future and feminist business

Running IWB is a full time job and unfortunately we are in a capitalist system, so the IWB team can’t keep doing this work for free or for very little money. Keep in mind we are in a patriarchal world and we are trying to develop a more ethical and feminist business: by women, for women. So support the women behind IWB and let’s not recreate the patriarchal model of women being under paid for their jobs.

Here is the link you can donate 1 euro, and THANK YOU so much for your support! <3

Support IWB even with 1€/month